Art thritus

  As I sit back and look at my work I feel it has risen to a style that scratches the surface of what painting is but redefines itself as new discoveries with in every piece. Since a teenager, I was interested in experimenting with textures, paint chemistry and abusing the art principles.
  Twenty years ago I remember pouring white out over gauze and assembling different white substances together, collaging them into my sketchbook and now many years later the collage has yellowed and dried to mummification.
  Today I use everything from paint stripper to acrylic, house and spray paints. As I integrate different styles of painting I construct a vast realm of Landscapes,Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism subliminally. As the the composition tightens into its location, different entities of paint and medium interact with each other.
  My work also utilizes markers, stenciling, text and gestural drawing. By approaching the canvas with different inspirations or direct feeling, I dont achieve the composition easily or methodically.
 Living here in Florida has exposed me to some of the most picturesque scenery. The end problem is our developments' constant redifinement of the skies and shores.
 My paintings are a reflection and statement of history repeating itself in art as in mankind.